Broadcasters have been traditionally one of the sectors that heavily use satellite communications to support their operations, Video represents more than 70% of the payload of many satellite operators.

Recognizing that Telesol offer a number of solutions for Video Distribution, Contribution and Direct to Home services (DTH).

We can offer Integrated Earth Stations-IES (please see product tab) for Video Distribution and DTH, where we can design the IES to handle from one partial transponder TV Channel to Multiple Transponders DTH TV packages.

For video contributions our solutions range from quick deployable and airline transportable fly away antenna to driveaway antenna that can be installed in a VAN/SUV or a Truck. One of the features we offer is simplicity by adding auto pointing and acquire system please see VSAT antennas products here.

Broadcasters can rely on the quality, flexibility and transportability of these products based on years of experience that Telesol has selecting these solutions