VSAT & SCPC Networks

VSAT and SCPC networks are becoming very complex. We at Telesol Networks can enormously simplify the customer leg work by providing a vendor independent competitive and technical analysis of each solution in the marketplace. Telesol Networks is vendor agnostic so it can really help the customer chose the right technology for the right application. Telesol Networks constantly seeks and evaluates new product and technologies as they become available in the market and keep relations with most manufacturers so we can effectively liaison any support or service needed now or in the future. Talk to us about your requirements and we will find a solution that is good today and cope with the demand in years to come.

VSAT networks requirements can be very complex. Some of the factors that influence an optimal design are Hub and remote equipment throughput requirements and Satellite Space Segment optimization. Networks should support multimedia traffic such as VoIP, Intranet, Internet Access, Video Conferencing etc. and most important now a days is cyber security strategy and requirements.

VSAT TDMA technology is normally more efficient for consumer internet access or low throughput transactional data like Scada, IoT or even limited VoIP, whereas VSAT SCPC is more appropriate for bandwidth aggregation applications like Medium to Large Enterprise, Civilian Government dependencies, Cellular Backhaul etc, where bandwidth is generally dedicated and cannot be over subscribed.

We at Telesol have extensive experience building from ground up this network infrastructure and integrating all the peripheral systems to make efficient throughput, flexible and secure networks. One of the Telesol Networks advantages is that is vendor agnostic, so we can work and integrate the right equipment for the right application.

We can also work with the customer to help them chose the right satellite capacity in terms of coverage and more importantly $/Mbps by optimizing all elements with that objective to minimize the implementation cost without sacrificing performance or expandability.