SATCOM equipment & Accessories

Telesol Networks due to the volumes it handles with various SATCOM equipment and accessories manufacturers can offer Earth Stations components at very competitive pricing than if you were to buy small quantities from a manufacturer, our product offering includes:

SCPC Modems: Low to high throughput modems, DVBS2X or Proprietary Modulation options, Frequency Reuse, Legacy and IP Interfaces. We offer Modems from almost all leading edge vendors like Novelsat, Teledyne-Paradise, Comtech and have extensive experience configuring them and assessing compatibility with legacy modems.

HPA: We offer C-Ku-Ka Band BUCs and High Power Amplifiers and systems from a number of vendors, all technologies such as TWTA, SSPA GaN and GaAs, also redundancy systems single Pol and dual Pol, call us with your needs and we’ll be happy to assist you

LNB/LNA Systems: We offer Redundant Outdoor LNB/LNA systems and also individual LNAs

We offer a range of large aperture antennas transmit/receive, single or dual polarity, normal or extended azimuth travel, as well as all the accessories needed.

MW components: We can offer everything is needed to integrate your system or maintain a stock of spares including wave guides custom made or segments, connectors, RF switches, Dehydrators etc.