Integrated Earth Stations

Telesol Networks provide integrated earth station solutions, both for Telecom and Broadcast applications, we support multiple frequency bands (C, X, Ku, Ka), a range of antenna sizes (1.2 meters to 13 meters) and a range of HPA solutions including SSPA and TWTAs. We mainly support GEO Satellites while keeping an eye in supporting upcoming MEOs and LEOs constellations as well . Each Earth station is custom designed, we work with the satellite operator and the customer to come up with the optimal design. In addition we have capabilities to program manage large projects and provide site survey, preparation and civil works, installation, deployment and commissioning services.

Large Aperture Antennas

Integrated Earth Stations (IES) are systems that consist of a parabolic antenna, transmit/receive feed, RF transmit Power Amplifier (HPA), and low noise amplifier (LNA/LNB). Large antennas normally need motorization and auto tracking. We provide the complete solution, source from prime vendor and completely integrated with the RF subsystems, motorization and auto tracking. We have two versions step tracking and mono pulse, depending on the application requirements.

Normally IES are used as a Hub for a VSAT network, Central Station for Cellular Backhaul network, or Broadcast uplink. Antenna size may range from 3.8 meters up to 13 meters.

RF equipment is normally redundant (1+1 or 2+1) and integrated to baseband equipment (L-Band and down), we will cover baseband as a different product.

Telesol Networks can provide, system design and integration of all components, site preparation assistance, installation, commissioning, training, and transfer in operation services. We carefully design the earth station and work with the customer and the satellite operator to deliver all the technical and cost trade off so customer can have all the information to make sound decisions. The objective is to deliver turn key projects in time and within budget.

Some of the factors to consider are of course antenna size, power amplifier dimensioning, arc of potential satellites to be used now and in the future, equipment redundancy, geographic redundancy. Our M&C system philosophy is to use of big data combined with real time statistics and analytics so the customer can anticipate failures and general behavior of the system and be able to plan ahead the preventive and corrective actions.

VSAT Integrated earth stations

VSAT antenna sizes range from 2.4 meters and below depending on the band. We offer Fixed, Driveway, Manpack motorized or manual antenna packages. We also offer COTM and Manpack customized integrated systems that are transportable and quick deployable. We can work with the modem manufacturer, and custom integrate BUC/LNB, Modem, Router and IP accessories such as routers in a weather proof and transportable package. Also important is simplicity of operation, so we offer Auto Pointing/Acquire systems with just a push of a button.